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Vi hette Drively innan, men har nu bytt namn till My Driving Academy. Ännu bättre och smidigare för dig som elev hos oss.

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Digital Education

Digital Education
Anywhere, Anytime

Getting a driving license in all other things to do is not always easy. Therefore, it is important to be able to utilize time in the best way. Having access to the education and its materials, no matter where you are or what time of day is important is therefore important. You can use the Student Center as long as you have access to your mobile, tablet or computer, as well as a connection to the Internet.



Learn in different ways

Perhaps you will learn best if you listen when someone explains to you or you might rather read yourself. No matter what, there is probably a way for you at Elevcentralen. You can always listen to the read-in book or read it yourself. Most of them are also filmed so you can sit back on the couch or on the bus to watch the movie. If you prefer to start from a problem and search for answers, you can instead start in an interactive exercise. In the exercise you will receive feedback, regardless of whether you answer correctly or wrong, and thus you will probably learn as long as you work with the exercise.


Teacher guide you

Even though it is easy to work with the material yourself, it is with the help of your professional traffic instructor that your education will be the best. In the Student Center you describe, among other things, your teacher how to work best and when you want your driving license. Based on this knowledge, the teacher can guide you through the theory and practice of the education in the best possible way. The teacher gives you a plan for your entire education - what to do when, and what will it be.

In Digital Education, theory and practice are closely linked. This means, for example, that the teacher should describe what you need to do or reflect on for the next lesson. When you have booked the lesson in the system, a call will be given to you on how to prepare. After the lesson, the teacher describes how it went and can also clarify the reasoning with own pictures or images from the large central image database from STR

which all premium teachers have access to. The teacher can also attach just how you ran during a lesson, information retrieved from data in the car. You can then play your drive to analyze where you drove, how fast you drove, how you impacted the environment, etc.

The supervisor as support

Much of the time for your driving license can be done outside the school. A good private tutor is a good complement in your education, both for theory and practice. With the tutor you can prepare yourself or practice a moment to make it feel better. It is very useful that your supervisor is also with you at Elevcentralen. The supervisor therefore gets his own login and can see all material, follow your development and communicate with your teacher.

Play and discuss

Teachers and supervisors in all honors, but maybe some problems are better to discuss with others in the same situation. In the Student Center you can ask questions, discuss and answer questions in the forum. Having fun while learning what is important is often a successful combination. In the Student Center you can challenge other students throughout Sweden in the Driving Card match. Five questions at a time, then it's your friend's trip. You choose yourself in which areas you want to play. As you approach a completed education, you may be playing any questions. And best of all, the questions are serious and are a good preparation for you to pass the knowledge test at the Swedish Transport Administration.

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