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Vi hette Drively innan, men har nu bytt namn till My Driving Academy. Ännu bättre och smidigare för dig som elev hos oss.

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Our training is divided into four occasions in four hours each, a total of 16 hours.
However, sometimes the taxi instructor sets up another schedule, two day days.
Utbildningen hålls på vårt kontor i Högsbo.


Day 1

Introduction, Safety, Treatment, and Diseases and Disabilities

Day 2

Car driving skills, Traffic, and Environment

Day 3

Professional Legislation, Restrictions and Basic Map Reading

Day 4

Advanced map reading


To get a taxi card, you must meet the following:

  • • 21 years old or older
  • • For at least two years, driving licenses with the license B or have a driving license with the D license
  • • Complies with the medical requirements that are necessary with regard to the safety of passengers and other road users
  • • Is deemed appropriate to serve as a taxi driver in terms of professional skills and lawfulness
  • • Has passed approved driving test for taxi driver identification.

Pris på taxikurs: 5000:-

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  • taxis book
  • Control questions for the taxi book
  • Assessment on your run

Assessment on your run

  • Skriftligt prov 3 st: Lagar, säkerhetsbeteende, kartprov. Kostnad 325 kr/st
  • Uppkörning 1200 kr
  • After you have completed all three sub-tests, which are part of the professional qualification test, and the passport test with approved results, you will apply for a taxi driver's license to the Transport Agency.
  • You should also send a medical certificate

Vi erbjuder ett individuellt upplägg som passar dig. Fyll i kontaktformuläret så kontaktar vi dig inom kort. 

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