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Risk Education

It is mandatory by Swedish law that before you can take your license you must attend on a risk education


Risk education now consists of two parts. • Part 1 concerns alcohol, other drugs, tiredness and other risky behaviour. • Part 2 is the equivalent of the older type of risk education (skid track education) and concerns speed, safety and driving in special conditions.

When an applicant takes the driving theory test and driving test, both parts of this risk education must have been completed and still be valid. This also applies to people who have previously held a licence and are taking a new driving test.

Risk education is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of passing (new from 1 April 2009) however its validity ceases on the same day as a full licence is issued. Risk education for light and heavy motor bicycle licence holders (licence types A1 and A) is not valid for car drivers (licence type B).

Risk education is to be undertaken under the auspices of a education operator that has been approved by the Swedish Transport Agency. ExcEptions fRom requirement for completion of A new, two-part Risk Education input

It is not necessary to participate in risk education if you hold a valid driving licence and:

  • are taking the driving test in order to remove conditions concerning vehicles with automatic gear boxes, or
  • havebeeninstructedtosubmitproofthatyouhavepassedthedrivingtestinorderto continue to hold a licence.
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    OBS: You must bring a valid ID


Risktvåan is held at Stora Holm on Hisingen. You go there by your self with the bus 35

  • You must have a valid driving state
  • You must be active in the course to pass
  • Bring valid ID
  • Cancelling/changing of the course must be done minimum 3 work days before the date
  • If you not attend you still must pay half of the amount
  • Risktvåan is valid for 5 years

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