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Our background

We at Drively have for a long time been working on motorcycle training and moped training. We offer theoretical and practical training for moped class I (AM driving license) and moped class II. Teachers that you come into contact with during the training of your moped card are all experienced traffic instructors.

The education is a total of 12 hours, 8 hours theory and 4 hours internship. Driving lessons are booked individually..


Theory aims at creating understanding and knowledge about how to apply the rules and regulations that apply to driving in traffic.

We discuss, watch movies and try to analyze different situations that often occur on our roads.

With good theoretical knowledge, you have a greater chance of wellbeing wherever you are going.


The driving is at least 4 hours and is divided on two occasions which are two hours. During driving, you should learn how to maneuver and collaborate in traffic.

After graduation, it is time for a test.

When you feel that you have studied enough and have passed our test reports, you must do a test at the Swedish Transport Administration.

If you get approved then you have your driving license and can drive home on your moped.

If you get approved then you have your driving license and can drive home on your moped.

Whats the difference?

In Sweden there are two speed classes for mopeds, class I and class II.


Class I (AM)

  • About the same rules as car
  • Have License
  • Driver's license class AM
  • Constructive speed not exceeding 45km / h
  • To be carried out on normal roads (non-road and bicycle routes) 

Class II

  • About the same rules as bike
  • Driver's license required
  • Constructive speed not more than 25km / h
  • Can be driven on walking and cycling routes unless otherwise stated, such as moped bans 

It is allowed to shoot the mop provided it is built for it and both use HELP.

Remember that 30 signs apply to you on a moped.


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