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En smart och smidig trafikskola i Göteborg!

Vi hette Drively innan, men har nu bytt namn till My Driving Academy. Ännu bättre och smidigare för dig som elev hos oss.

Till sajten Du skickas vidare dit efter 10 sekunder.

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Drömmer du om att glida fram på en härligt kurvig väg med din nya MC? 
Om du behöver körkort för lätt-, begränsad- eller tung mc så kan vi hjälpa dig.

We use lightweight motorcycles. The BMW F 700 GS is equipped with ABS brakes.

Så tar du MC körkort

The steps to take your license:
In order to start exercising and start your education, you must first apply for driving license

Practice private
If you intend to exercise privately, your supervisor must submit an application for a supervisor's license to the Transport Agency. No supervisor training is required.

How we work
We know that you become a good and safe driver who reaches the goal if you are prepared both theoretically and practically. If you can, try to work with driving and theory at the same time, making your driving license easier.

The theory is to make you a skilled driver in traffic and to pass the Swedish Transport
Administration's knowledge test.

Parallel to the theory, you take your driving lessons.
We try to be effective and work with maneuvering near the traffic school. Some moments it's great to be 2 students, there will be discussion and you will see how the other is doing.
We have access to a large maneuvering track where we can safely train high speed and braking in high traffic.

Risk Education
Just like driving licenses for cars, there are two compulsory risk training programs

Risk education 1

is a theoretical education that is mandatory. The education is about alcohol, other drugs, fatigue and risky behaviors. You can take advantage of the risk 1 training with us early in your driving license.

Risk training 2 - deals with speed, safety and driving under special conditions.

It makes you aware of the risks of motorcycle driving, about common accidents and dangerous behaviors.
You will be in the final stages of your driver training when you do Part 2 and book in consultation with your teacher. This is due to the fact that there are high demands regarding assessment, valuation and understanding of different traffic situations.
In addition, you must be able to maneuver the motorcycle safely.

Vill du veta mer? Fyll i dina uppgifter så kontaktar vi dig inom kort.

Vill du veta mer? Fyll i dina uppgifter så kontaktar vi dig inom kort. 

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